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“Ratatouille” we all have watched this movie, how a rat helped humans and makes this story

During this covid-19 situation, we all were waiting for vaccines, and to get this vaccine, scientists and researchers do experiments on rats, monkeys, rabbits not only that they do different types of DNA engineering to get the vaccine for covid-19 for that they experiment on rats that's why to give honor and respect towards their life “THE INSTITUTE OF CYTOLOGY AND GENETICS “ from Novosibirsk Russia has decided to make a statue of rat withholding the DNA structure in his hand with a sweet smile on his face in front of this institute to give a special thank and respect towards their life for giving us vaccine

They also mentioned that we could not do any experiments on a human being that's why we need the help of rats due to the same immune power between us

also, I wanted to share with you guys the article that I have read today in ‘LOKSATTA’ newspaper, it's in the Marathi language also the writer Dr. Sanjay Oak has given such good examples of how rats always helped humans plus after some days in India, The Happiest festival “Ganesh Chaturthi” will come and an interesting fact is that the rats are the one who can give a ride to god Ganesha

I would like you guys to read the original article

“MUSHAK SATTA ” by Dr. Sanjay Oak

Link of this article: https://www.loksatta.com/lokrang-news/mokale-aakash-dr-sanjay-oak-article-corona-warriors-coronavirus-ssh-93-2586494/

this article inspired me to write this blog

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also, you can give your feedback to writer Dr. Sanjay Oak who has written the “MUSHAK SATTA” article, his mail address: sanjayoak1959@gmail.com